Looking for my next opportunity
to make a change.

This is me

Ever since my first job, my heart is in team success. Growing from the ranks, my career has been shaped and developed among people. Creating a pool of potentials and rising stars to ensure a highly challenging and supportive organisation structure.  Setting up and leading industry  innovations, developing new collaborations, sharpening processes, formulate and manage policy, that has led to many successes.  

Organisation Strategy  P&L ownership 
Change Management 

 Branding  Negotiation 

Retail Marketing    Customer Success 

Creative Initiatives Operational excellence 

I advise companies
and start-ups to build winning teams and create sustainable growth

I advise businesses and companies on how to generate strategic and co-operative progress towards shared business goals. To do so, I inspire and coach teams to reach their full potential. Believing that companies are built on people and that potential teams make innovative and successful business choices when being empowered.

Overseeing the big picture, working with existing strategic plans or beating the system by focusing on what the organisation strength is and take this to the next level. Analyse opportunities, developing short and long term strategic plans towards improving the organisation and business.

With more than two decades of experience I have developed a strong commercial mindset, intellect and emotion will always be intertwined securing business needs and facilitating the workforce to obtain success.

Open to discuss management, strategy and beating the system over a cup of coffee.
Feel free to drop me a line.

Past companies

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